What Temperature Is Too Hot For Pepper Plants

Are you interested in growing pepper plants? Although they’re not right for everyone, they can add more spice to your dishes. Peppers are great for individuals who love hot, spicy foods.

Whether you’re growing habanero or jalapeno, you need to make sure that you avoid exposing the plants to extreme temperatures.

Anything over 90-degrees Fahrenheit will be too hot for pepper plants. Pepper plants thrive in temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees. They will die if the temperatures drop lower than 32-degrees.

How Hot Is Too Hot

Pepper plants are versatile because they can survive in an assortment of environments. However, if the temperature rises too high, there is a good chance that you’re going to run into serious issues.

For the best results, you need to make sure that your pepper plants are not going to be exposed to temperatures above 90-degrees.

When the plant experiences excessive temperatures, there is a risk that it is going to perish.

Planting your pepper plants at the right time can help minimize the risks involved.

How Cold Is Too Cold

Besides hot temperatures, you also have to worry about excessively low temperatures. When pepper plants are exposed to lower temperatures, there is a chance that they’re going to die.

When a plant freezes, the water in the plant’s cells will freeze. As this happens, the plant will become dehydrated. Then, its cell walls are going to be damaged.

Suffice to say, it is pertinent to make sure that your plants aren’t exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees because your pepper plants will freeze and die.

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When Is The Best Time To Plant Pepper Plants

Planting your pepper plants at the right time can reduce the risk that they’re going to be exposed to inappropriate temperatures. If you time it right, your plants should never experience freezing temperatures or excessively hot temperatures.

When is the best time to begin planting pepper plants? Ultimately, it is recommended to wait until the danger of winter weather has disappeared.

Your plants are going to need multiple weeks to grow. Therefore, you should try planting them around 16 weeks before the first frost. You can grow them as late as 12 weeks before the first frost.

Don’t wait too long. If you do, your plants may freeze and die.

Overheated Pepper Plants

If you don’t grow the plants at the right time, they’re going to be exposed to excessive heat or brutal cold temperatures. Suffice to say, both can kill your plant.

What will happen if your plant is exposed to temperatures that are too hot. Hot temperatures are going to lead to heat stress. As this happens, the plant will begin wilting.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do if you’re growing pepper plants outside. If you’re growing them indoors, you can reduce the temperature easily.

Typically, heat stress is a sign that your plants have experienced water loss. When this problem is ignored, the plant will become dehydrated. It’ll eventually turn yellow and die.

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