Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants Colorado

Colorado’s climate presents a lot of challenges for gardeners, including pickaxe-worthy soil, persistent droughts, harsh sun, and hot summers.

However, there are many low-maintenance plants that thrive in Colorado’s climate. In this article, we will explore some of the best low-maintenance plants for Colorado.


Perennials are a great choice for low-maintenance landscaping in Colorado. They are hardy, long-lasting, and require minimal care.

Some of the best perennials for Colorado include Rocky Mountain Columbine, Liatris, Purple Coneflower, Sedum, Russian Sage, Shasta Daisy, Fireweed, and Rocky Mountain Penstemon.

These plants are all drought-tolerant and can handle the intense sun and heat of Colorado summers.

Native Plants

Native plants are another great option for low-maintenance landscaping in Colorado. Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, so they require less water and care than non-native plants.

The Colorado Native Plant Gardening Guides cover five regions: Plains/Prairie, Foothills, Mountains, Western Slope, and Denver Metro.

Some of the best native plants for Colorado include Plains Coreopsis, Blanketflower, Blue Flax, and Rocky Mountain Bee Plant.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Drought-tolerant plants are a must-have for low-maintenance landscaping in Colorado. These plants are able to survive on minimal water, making them perfect for Colorado’s dry climate.

Some of the best drought-tolerant plants for Colorado include Fringed Sage, Artemisia frigida, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Penstemon strictus, and Blue Avena Grass.

Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants are a great way to add color and interest to your landscape without a lot of maintenance.

Some of the best outdoor plants for Colorado include Russian sage, Blue flax, Blanket flower, Kalanchoe, Agave, Echeveria, Colorado blue spruce, Bristlecone pine, and Mountain Hemlock.

These plants are all able to handle the intense sun and heat of Colorado summers.

Front Range Plants

If you live in the Front Range region of Colorado, there are some specific plants that are well-suited to your climate.

Limemound Spirea, Bowles Periwinkle, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, and Snow Angel Coral Bells are all great choices for low-maintenance landscaping in the Front Range.

Native Ground Covers

Reducing or removing a traditional lawn is one of the best low-maintenance landscaping strategies in Colorado.

Instead of a thirsty lawn, opt for a swath of buffalograss or blue grama flanked by wide perennial borders filled with wildlife-friendly, low-water native plants.

Groundcovers are another obvious choice for reducing your traditional lawn area. Buffalograss, Blue grama, and other wildlife-friendly, low-water native plants are all great options for ground covers in Colorado.


There are many low-maintenance plants that thrive in Colorado’s climate. Whether you choose perennials, native plants, drought-tolerant plants, outdoor plants,

Front Range plants, or native ground covers, you can create a beautiful and sustainable landscape with minimal effort.

By choosing low-maintenance plants, you can save time, money, and water while still enjoying a beautiful and vibrant landscape.

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