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People put a lot of effort into their backyard flower gardens. They not only invest time but also money and other resources into ensuring their gardens thrive. Unfortunately, all these resources do not always pay off.

This is especially true when dealing with cut flowersOpens in a new tab.. If you utilize your cut flowers as get-well gifts, decorations, weddings, birthday presents, or other projects, they need maximum longevity.

To make flowers last longer store them in a cool environment, hydrate for up to two hours, utilize wooden skewers for stem stability, spray the blooms with water, and utilize filtered water.

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How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Hydrate Before Arranging

A proven method to extend the longevity of fresh-cut flowers is hydration. Depending on the species, it is recommended to utilize cold or hot water for this purpose.

One example is fresh roses, which should be hydrated in hot water for two or four hours. Utilize a plastic or glass bowl for this purpose. Fill the bowl with hot water before adding the roses.

The stem only should be exposed to hot water. Another example is anemonesOpens in a new tab., which should be hydrated in cool water.

It is recommended to place the stem in cool water for one on two hours.

Tulips need between five and six hours of hydration before arranging.

Slit Center Stem

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Florists worldwide utilize this method to increase the longevity of their fresh-cut hydrangeas. This technique might be sufficient for other species as well.

Focusing on the hydrangea, create a slit no more than 1 inch in length in the center of the stem. Avoid cutting all the way through the stem because may do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

The 1-inch slit will allow the stem to absorb more water, which is necessary for larger flowers.

Utilize a clean knife or another garden tool for this purpose. Keep the slit clean to ensure the technique works effectively.

Regularly Hydrate Flower

While the stem acts as a transport system for water to the flower, it is not always sufficient. This is especially true for species, with larger flowers.

When the stem is not working efficiently, the flower may not receive sufficient water. If you do not intervene, the flower will begin to sag and eventually turn brown.

Fill a spray bottle with water. It is recommended to refill the bottle with water before each use. This will ensure the water is fresh, so it will work more efficiently.

Routinely spray the flowers with water to increase longevity.

Add Stem Support

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Some species need more support after they are cut than others. The Oriental Poppy, hydrangea, Dinnerplate Dahlia and Tree Peony are just a few examples.

Once the flowers are cut, the stem still has a lot of work to do. It is the flower’s only support system. When the head is large, the stem may not provide sufficient support.

Your job is to add more support to prevent the large flower from sagging.

This is a tricky technique that works great when completed correctly. Utilizing a wood chopstick or skewer, insert it into the stem from the bottom.

If the skewer is too long, you can cut it. However, utilize the uncut end to insert into the stem. Since species have hollow, others do not.

The Amaryllis is just one example.

For species that do not have a hollow stem, you will need to utilize a different technique.

Utilize a floral wire to attach the wood skewer to the stem. Both methods offer the same support benefit.

Avoid Extreme Heat

Fresh cut flowers should never be exposed to extreme heat. Store them away from windows, heaters, and other appliances that produce heat. Minimal heat should not have too much impact on fresh flowers.

However, for the flower’s sake keep them in a cool environment.

High Humidity Exposure

Fresh flowers need high humidity to ensure maximum longevity. This rule of thumb mostly applies to flowers in storage. Florists utilize humidity levels between 90 and 95 percent for their flowers in storage.

Cutting The Stems

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Once you’ve picked or purchased nice flowers for your wife or girlfriend, you’ll want to take steps to ensure that they last for many days.

Typically, a professional florist will cut the stems before placing them in water because this will make the flowers survive for much longer. If you want your flowers to last a while, you must do the same.

Cut the stem before placing the flower in a vase of water. After a few days, it is wise to cut the stems once again.

Doing so will help water penetrate the stem. Use pruning shears or sharp scissors to roughly an inch from the bottom. Be sure to cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

If you have multiple flowers, you can cut the stems simultaneously. Either way, it should be done every three or four days and the cut should be at a 45-degree angle.

Removing Extra Leaves

Taking steps before you place the leaves in your vase can make a big difference. Besides cutting the stem, you’ll also want to pay attention to the leaves.

If you leave extra leaves on the flower, there is a good chance that those leaves are going to use excess energy. Unfortunately, this will cause the flower to perish much quicker.

Instead, you should remove all extra leaves from the base. If the leaves are going to be underwater, remove them.

Once you’ve removed these leaves, there will be a lower chance that bacteria are going to enter the water. Thankfully, this will provide several benefits.

First, your flower is going to last for longer. Second, it’ll ensure that your water will be clean without bad odors. The flower will be able to focus on the beautiful bloom so it’ll stay vivid and healthy for longer.

Using A Suitable Container

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Many people make the mistake of picking the wrong container. You don’t want to do this because it could ruin your chances. You’ll find that picking the right vase is one of the most important steps.

The stem should easily fit into the opening of the vase. If the vase is too narrow, the flowers will be cramped near the bottom. As a result, this may make it harder for the flowers to absorb enough water.

On the other hand, you don’t want an oversized vase either because your flowers will not have any shape. Before cutting the stem, you should spend time ensuring that you get the perfect vase.

It should be cleaned first. Then, you can fill it two-thirds to the top with fresh cold water. If the flowers haven’t opened yet, use warm water instead. Doing so will help force the blooms to open.

When you have to replace the water in a few days, use cold water to make your flowers last longer.

Get Rid Of Dying Flowers

How To Make Flowers Last Longer

Although your flowers have died, they’re likely still consuming nutrients. You cannot prevent your flowers from dying at some point. However, certain flowers are going to die quicker than the others.

You don’t want the dying flowers to remove the necessary nutrients from the other flowers in your face. To prevent this from happening, you should begin removing dying flowers promptly.

Within a week, some of your blooms are going to start wilting. Even if you take extra care of them, this will likely happen.

Stop the dying flowers from creating problems for the others by removing them immediately. If you leave the dying flowers in the vase, there is a chance that the healthy flowers will develop mold.

They could be exposed to contamination too. Remove dying flowers to keep the others healthy and make your arrangement beautiful again.

Does Baking Soda Make Flowers Last Longer

Yes, the properties of baking soda create healthier water conditions for fresh flowers. Add the baking soda to the water and let dissolve before adding the flowers.

Does Sugar Help Flowers Last Longer

Sugar can help your flowers last longer. Typically, a 2% solution of sugar will help prolong the vase life of the cut flowers. It can also help increase the size and number of blooms.

Pour Sprite or 7-Up in the water, but don’t let it get murky brown.

Does Vinegar Make Flowers Last Longer

Vinegar can help your flowers last longer for several reasons. For instance, it is going to help prevent bacteria growth. In return, this will increase the likelihood that your flowers are going to remain fresh and beautiful for a bit longer.


Do you want to provide someone you love with beautiful flowers?

When you decide to do this, you’ll want to make sure that the flowers are fresh and that they last for a long time.

Otherwise, your gift will have to be thrown in the trash after a day or two. Thankfully, you can make your flowers last longer by adding them to a vase with water.

Add a quarter teaspoon of bleach to the water. Alternatively, you can try bleach and sugar. Be sure to change the water at least every two days to avoid potential problems.

As flowers begin dying, remove them. Take these steps and your flowers will last much longer.



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