Can You Grow Morning Glories Indoors: [Done Right]

Morning glories can add more life to your home. Nevertheless, you may believe that you won’t be able to grow this plant indoors.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

Morning glories are tough enough to survive indoors under the right circumstances.

To grow morning glories inside, you must give them direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. Place them near a window that faces south or southeast. Finally, make sure the plant is in a suitable container so it won’t grow outside of the plant.

If you follow this advice, you should be able to grow morning glories inside without complications.

Below, you’ll learn more about growing these plants inside successfully.

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Can You Grow Morning Glories Indoors

Proper Sunlight Duration

First, it is pertinent to make sure your morning glory plant has enough sunlight.

Failure to do so will stunt the plant’s growth and potentially kill it.

How much sunlight is needed for a morning glory plant?

Ultimately, it should have a lot of direct sunlight. Typically, a morning glory plant should sit in direct sunlight for at least six hours each day. If you want the plant to thrive and grow rapidly, it is best to give it more sunlight every day.

You can give a morning glory plant up to 8 hours of sunlight each day.

It may do better with even more sunlight.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to place the plant in a sunny area of your home and leave it there.

Proper Placement

If you want to grow a morning glory plant in your home, it needs proper placement.

Placing it in a dark, gloomy place will cause the plant to die before you know it.

Prevent this from happening by ensuring that your morning glory has plenty of direct sunlight.

Since you’re going to grow the plant indoors, you need to be careful when picking a spot.

In general, it is best to place your morning glory directly in front of a window. Typically, it is best to pick a window that is facing southeast or south. In this area, the plant will receive direct sunlight for at least eight hours a day.

If necessary, you may need to move the pot to ensure the plant receives plenty of sunlight.

Picking A Container

Individuals wanting to grow a morning glory inside will need to pick a suitable container.

Unfortunately, some people pick the wrong container and run into many problems quickly.

When growing the plant indoors, it is pertinent to keep the plant containers. It is common for morning glories to grow out of control.

They’ll spread rapidly once they enter the growth spurt stage.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the plant is going to have an object that it can wine around.

Stick something in the middle of the pot so the morning glory plant won’t spread too far. Give the plant something to grab onto.

Otherwise, it is going to spread too far and get out of control.

You’ll also need to pick a suitable pot. Make sure it is at least 8 to 10 inches in width. The pot should be 6 inches deep or deeper. Furthermore, there should be plenty of drainage holes.

With the right conditions, you’ll give your morning glory everything it needs to thrive.

Preparing The Pot

Once you’ve picked a suitable pot, you need to prepare it.

You must pick suitable potting soil. You can also use gravel to create a good environment for your pot.

First, you should add some gravel to the very bottom of the pot. The gravel will help ensure that your drainage holes do not get stopped up.

Instead, the pot will have better drainage to ensure the plant thrives.

Furthermore, you must use light potting soil.

Make sure that the potting soil is going to drain exceptionally well. The combination will make a big difference.

When you’re ready to begin, you’ll need to start your seeds. Even if you’re going to grow the plant outdoors, it is wise to start inside.

Plant the seeds roughly five weeks before the season’s last frost.

To ensure your success, you can try soaking the morning glory seeds overnight. Doing so will increase the likelihood that the germination process is going to be successful.  In the morning, the seeds should be sowed approximately a quarter-inch deep.

Water the soil well before quitting.

As the seedling begins to emerge, it is a good idea to thin the plants to ensure there are only two or three in each pot.

Adequate Watering

For a morning glory plant to grow inside, it needs light and water.

You’ve already learned that the plant will need direct sunlight for at least six hours each day.

You’ll also need to avoid overwatering the plant since doing so will lead to various issues.

During the initial growth stages, it is best to lightly water the morning glory plant.

Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the plant. Continue spraying until the soil is slightly moist. It should not be soggy because that can lead to rot.

As the plant begins developing, it is essential to change your watering practices.

At this stage, you should try watering a few times each week. You must learn how to tell when the plant needs to be watered because it is easy to overwater a plant.  Make sure the soil is dry before adding more water. You can also use feed your plants with a high-quality fertilizer to encourage them to bloom.

Typically, it is best to feed the plants every couple of weeks.

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